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Archive - Historical Articles

You are viewing records from 08/10/2002 09:51:02 to 06/14/2003 12:11:55. I'll be adding support for selecting a date range in future.

I've built an installer to download and install PuTTY - a free SSH client. It's available from the [putty] page. Permalink 

A CNN article has pictures (which were already in the wild) and some good commentary about half-life 2. It looks like the nda gloves are off. Permalink 

A very good T3 trailer is available at the apple site if you have quicktime. Permalink  2 Comments 

It is coming out. It will be at E3 this year. The NDA will end April 28th. The future is coming this year... And Duke Nukem Forever missed another slot! With Half-Life 2 coming out, pretty much all attention will be on it, and they're in media wind up already so we can expect less than four months of waiting, other people are thinking November to commemorate the first half-life. I don't know, but one thing is certain, the most popular game on the planet will have a sequel. Permalink 

3D Realms decided that they'd play an april fools on everyone. They announced in a very suspicious manner that they were releasing Duke Nukem 3D's source code to the public under the GPL. The april fools are those who think they're kidding... Fileshack have it up here for all to download! and we'll have a mirror at some point. Note that you require the duke nukem content to play the game. Update: Mirrored here. Permalink 

Jen Frickell's site is back. That is all. Smorr.


Not run by me, DonEasy provides a free file storage service like workdrive. If you have any other free file storage sites leave them in the comments! Permalink  1 Comments 

I've marked a number of accounts to no longer have the ability to upload files. Those people have one week to ensure they have a copy of the files before their accounts will be purged. Thanks to everyone that made constructive critisism, I'll be getting the new layout for workdrive up and running when visiting from and the billing system will come next month. Read more for a list of users that will have an extra free month for their feedback and assistance. Permalink  6 Comments 

Oh my god, where did they get a frigate from...? Permalink  7 Comments 

I`ve quickly cobbled together a brand new news system for the site, hopefully this should be faster, and more adaptable... Since it`s database driven, it will support searching, and comments soon, so watch out! More to come... Old news is accessible from the Archive link below. Permalink