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Oh my god, where did they get a frigate from...? Permalink  7 Comments 

lmao by Lila at 03/10/2003 23:31:11
Rest easy, they`re all we`ve got.

arhDFGjkdutl by Lila at 03/10/2003 23:48:31
oh wait. And some leaky used british submarines.But they don`t count.

Oh, sounds like... by simon at 03/11/2003 20:04:40
You have current tech then, we`re just ironing out the leaks...

whattha? by byte at 03/12/2003 20:48:43
canadians with guns? i need to sit down....

by motterway at 03/14/2003 10:18:49
Canadians should have guns. kick americas arse.

lol by Lila at 03/14/2003 21:28:12
That`s the spirit

by motterway at 03/21/2003 14:25:56
yea but the canadians never go to war. would jess and lila be able to use a gun byte? imagine that?