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My Network of Servers

I used to advertise my network of servers here to persuade people to pay for hosting.  I still maintain a number but not for commercial reasons anymore - mostly because I have gotten used to having access to them.

These are located in the UK, Germany and the US, with most of the traffic going to the ones in Germany and a backup one in New York called Queeg while everything is replicated in the UK.  I also used to have Shodan and Xerxes in Texas when I did more hosting.  I use Hetzner for hosting in Europe and Andrews and Arnold for public routing to my own equipment in the UK.

I also use them as a networking testbed; site-to-site VPN's run between distant systems, BGP keeps the whole thing routing and the entire setup is like a giant real-world lab only with higher uptime.  There is also a full deployment of IPv6 in place across all sites.  Hurricane Electric, Hetzner and AAISP provide the upstream for my IPv6.


The following services are provided for my own, family and friends private use:-

Latest Changes

My network consists of three seperate locations with hyper-v hosts as a cluster, running a series of virtualised systems.  My firewalls/routers are from Mikrotik.

Backup DNS for my domains is provided by Hurricane Electric and Gandi.  Backup hosting is on Azure.

The X509 certificate authority used to sign all private SSL certificates and IPSEC connections in use on this network is here for you to install as a trusted root if you need to use encrypted services.

Using a NullifyNetwork Smartcard/Cryptomate key

(I used to send these to people I hosted, now I don't host anyone commercially and the number of people hosted here is limited to a handful of friends.)

If you have an SSH/SFTP, Remote Desktop or VPN account then you will possibly also have been given an ACS ACOS5 cryptographic smartcard in USB form factor, full size or a sim card.  If you need to, you can download the ACOS5 PKCS#11 Libraries and the CryptoAPI middleware DLL's (this file includes the drivers for the Cryptomate keys inbuilt reader but not the admin tools).

This card cannot be duplicated and if you lose it you should notify me personally so I can immediately revoke your certificate(s).  If you have stored other certificates on the same card you may need to contact other providers too.

You can buy replacement CryptoMate tokens (about £20) or additional cards (£7.50) from SmartcardFocus, please do not store your keys insecurely instead.