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This page contains interesting links and things I check regularly.

My company's site is at  My old company's site was at but I am no longer running it, though the idea might become a product of Fizl.

Of special mention is Ted.

Comics Ctrl-Alt-Del LFG

Useful Links


Vivaldi Browser Discord Parsec Gaming
eM Client Serif Affinity RAR
Visual Studio    

Social Content

Scott Hanselman /r/homelab Lemmy
/r/visualstudio /r/dotnet  /r/mikrotik
boingboing /r/networking  /r/starcitizen
Helen Emerson SelfHosted  

Sortof relevant:


Techie Links - DNS Checking site - Free secondary DNS hosting (and primary DNS if you only want a control panel) - A great transit and hosting provider that is supporting the internet community and IPv6 rollout - For all your technical UK internet needs. - Secure password management


Linux Stack

While I'm a Windows user primarily I still use Linux a lot, I'm platform agnostic as a developer and sysadmin. Below is my personal preference for a general purpose tech stack (usually running inside Hyper-V):-

Alpine Linux Docker (on Alpine) Portainer UrBackup


rainloop - Webmail client
traefik - Load balancer
Mikrotik - Router/firewall


Temporarily Relevant
Weather Report

UK Covid-19 Dashboard