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I've marked a number of accounts to no longer have the ability to upload files. Those people have one week to ensure they have a copy of the files before their accounts will be purged. Thanks to everyone that made constructive critisism, I'll be getting the new layout for workdrive up and running when visiting from and the billing system will come next month. Read more for a list of users that will have an extra free month for their feedback and assistance. Permalink  6 Comments 

by imback at 03/17/2003 10:43:25
How do we gain free access?? Isn`t that abit harsh on navikhanjura

No by simon at 03/17/2003 11:38:56
Because he said he`d found another one, this service is only here to solve a problem - if someone else is solving a problem then I don`t have to pay so much. Any additional constructive comments would gain free use for a month once it starts, or if the

by motterway at 03/21/2003 14:22:45
stop being harsh on navi simon.

by motterway at 03/21/2003 14:24:13
any way how we will be billed? i dont actually know?

Billing... by simon at 03/23/2003 10:46:23
I haven`t 100% decided yet still. Something along the lines of you buy a credit or two (or twelve) and then use them storing files for one, two or twelve months respectively. But I`m open to suggestions. I`m not going to bill post-use though.

by motterway at 03/24/2003 08:38:18
hmmmm no more ideas, good idea.