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(It's very rare that I post during work hours, but my excuse is I need to pass the links around between machines and this is the easiest way)

Microsoft have released Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1!  Hopefully there's many good fixes in it, I haven't had time to beta test it so am really looking forward to it.

Finally it's also now possible to install SQL Server 2008...

The release is available along with .NET 3.5 SP1 in the form of an ISO image or the web installer!  The release notes (contains details of both updates) are also available.

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Bugs galore by chris at 08/14/2008 14:37:15
Howdy, probally wont effect you directly being in the App world, but there is at lease one bug I know of already in SP1 - there is a bug in the LOSFormatter when it serializes data into ViewState. Would be worth throughly testing any code being ported to SP1 as usual.

Ohh yes by simon at 08/14/2008 19:28:22
We found one or two in the reflection implementation in .NET 3.5 SP1 too, spontaneously getting an ExecutionEngineException in a test is always a bad sign...

Not yet hit any major problems for us that you can't work around yet but sorry to hear about the LOSFormatter...

At least you can control your environments :) Ours get versions installed on them regardless being client machines.