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Three years to the day yesterday, at 12pm I started full time work at unnamedWorkplace when I should have gone on study leave for my exams.  12:00pm today I am 24 hours free with a stack of work, list of projects, bunch of supportive friends and no worries for the moment.

My departure from unnamedWorkplace was swifter than I expected after giving in my notice, but overall this is probably for the best...  I have lots of ideas for the short term, but in the long term I'm open to suggestions, or whatever turns my way.

Now to build my own future...

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At Last :) by byte at 05/28/2004 19:18:18
Hey, supportive friend right here, whos eagar to learn. I just fscked up my life and im currently in limbo, so if you want anything/help/code/whatever just throw me a txt/email/pm/what-tf-ever.