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Okay, I'm looking for comments primarily from users of the hosting regarding a hosting network rework. At the moment the setup is both overkill, and soon to be underpowered. I'm also concerned about the supportability of Cobalt units. I'm proposing to change the setup to one of the following options: Option 1, most outlay, best performance:
  • One UK Server, from dedipower with copious bandwidth and Windows 2003 Standard (expensive licensing is the biggest outlay) - acting as the main web server, main database server, backup mail relay and primary DNS
  • One US Virtual Dedicated Server, with very little disk space and memory but a decent chunk of bandwidth, running Linux - acting as secondary DNS and the primary mail server, but backed up onto the UK server.
Option 2, low(er) outlay, US only and less reliable:
  • One US Server, with Windows 2003 Web Edition - acting as the primary web server and DB server
  • Two US Virtual Dedicated Servers, running Linux - DNS, MAIL, etc.
There are other options, but those are the main two. Any suggestions, comments, ideas? I'll be getting the VDS as soon as possible as it's a part in every single setup and I wanted a backup mail server in a different datacentre anyway. Update: Just bought the VDS Update: Just bought the Win2k3 server, I'll see how it is for a few days before moving anything. Permalink  2 Comments 

GAH by byte at 02/09/2004 11:53:22
My user name and passwod dosnt work for my database! whyyyyy?????? oh yeah, and IxC is down mainly coz i just wiped my config file, and the only other copy i have is at home, and im not. but still, I can log in to the database with phpmyadmin, and edge

Bah by simon at 02/09/2004 21:55:14
It was working. Have fixed it... The phpmyadmin that works is at You were trying to log in to xerxes with byte for some reason about 1.30pm :-/ I have created your account on xerxes now, but the site is st