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I just rolled up a little application called [winunrar] that allows for extracting rar archives. Rar archives have better compression than zip, and this is a free app. Hopefully it'll be of use to someone, and it should mean that those without winrar, who don't like shareware, or generally want something small should still be able to benefit from rar compression! Permalink  2 Comments 

ooo pretty by byte at 11/15/2003 03:43:54
wow, sweet. Your new adventure with c# i assume? I could do with an un-archiver that fits on floppy, very portable and fun! *claps* hazzar!

Indirectly! by simon at 11/15/2003 16:36:17
I actually made the one you can download in Delphi, although I got it to extract one file using C#. The wrapper I was using with C# was an old vb visual component, it was much easier to build a useful app in Delphi for the moment. But I'm aiming to