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Tablet PC's are impractical. Looking at my PDA I find that hard enough to use with a pen - something bigger must be worse. We need a more natural means of control, the keyboard certainly cuts it for speed so maybe separate the tablet pc's screen into a keyboard (not like normal, but more like a pda's onscreen keyboard where applications don't hide behind it.). Voice recognition would be the most natural, but then you might as well scrap the screen and just have a bluetooth headset with a small flip out screen. Then you could see stuff, and hear stuff - whilst being able to dictate things to it too. Clearly we're not there yet... Permalink  1 Comments 

voice commadns by byte at 10/24/2003 17:40:57
they are getting there bit crap, but they are getting there.... although, an ear piece with an eyepiece on it would rawk, id buy one, heh