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Why do people rely on the clock of the computer that the document is being accessed on? Why not rely on the senders clock... To enforce this it'd need for a small part of the encrypted document to exist only on the senders/intermediaries computer. When the document was requested this part could be requested, and sent without fear since the rest of the document is also required. After the time the part can be destroyed on the senders/intermediaries machine. This leaves a giant loophole - once you open the message, you can always read it, it relies on the software to destroy the part it has recieved after using it to successfully show the document. But I fear THAT loophole is unavoidable if the document is ever to be readable. (The document sent is encrypted so that only the correct reader can open it, and only when it's in its entirety.) Permalink  2 Comments 

Youve probally seen this by byte at 10/22/2003 09:48:55
it coming from the reg and all

Nu uh... by simon at 10/30/2003 17:22:06
Well, not when I posted that article. They posted theirs a day after me! ElReg: 21/10/2003 at 18:49 GMT