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Well I had a very bad year with my father passing away and various business related things like the umbrella company I was using going insolvent and taking an amount of my money with it (and I expect a few more road bumps over the next few months as things settle down) I'm hoping for a better year going forward.  Many of the things that happened have just pushed me to adapt.

I know I haven't posted blog articles properly in years as I've been constantly trying to avoid posting work related items (as I've been contracting for others), I've been doing some interesting research myself recently and hope to talk more about that instead soon though there are a few hurdles to overcome before there's anything useful produced from it.  I do need to get back in the habbit of doing my own things though, I have buried my head into my customers work like it was sand without thinking of my own reality and that needs to change.

I have lots of ideas for Fizl Ltd to do in the future too so I wish any readers that remain well and hope you will remain patient - pretty easy with an RSS reader.

First things first though, this site needs an upgrade and some new content...