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I finally set up my new companies website (thanks to the snow here totally blocking the ability to get to the office!) - it's lacking content at the moment but the design is in place and I think it looks excellent and embodies the company quite well. 

What do you think?  Anything I should change?

I went through the images on fotolia for quite a while before settling on that one for the front page.  We're using SIP phones for the telephony and I am hoping to have my automation system at the alpha stage within a few months so I'll be looking for people to test it before we go public with a beta (Google style!).  I already have a prototype Workflow designer but at the moment there's not enough to use in production yet.

I am hoping that this product will help in a lot of situations, everything from automated deployment of complex systems, testing your software without needing to sit there and do it manually to automating business processes (or virtual machine operations like creation, start-up and shut down!).

All as a simple and easy on-line service you can optionally subscribe to (there will be a free offering to get to try it!).