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Today is my last day at my current employer, a company called EasyTrace which has gone from a few people in a cow-shed just outside Basingstoke selling a DOS product to a market leader selling modern software I can feel proud to have written the vast majority of.  Over a year ago now they were also bought by RM PLC and the RM people I have worked with have been enthusiastic and fun to interact with.

I have been there for over five and a half years and would like to wish all the present and ex-employees, suppliers and RM people who have helped out over the years the very best for the future.

Everyone has been amazing and put in a lot of long hours and effort to make a happy client base of schools, colleges, hospitals and big companies.  It has been a wild ride, and it has been a pleasure working with everyone.

I will be providing some help to the company after the relocation to the new offices in Abingdon this Christmas but I am mostly taking this opportunity to set up a new business and have some more relaxing fun for a while exploring an idea I have.  It also hopefully means I'll have the opportunity to get to some conferences and write more technical blog posts - I'm fully aware I haven't made any decent ones since May as I have been spending a lot of time on work projects even out of hours recently.

So, here's to the future!