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This is a story of how to handle a customer who could have ended up sending something back and getting expensive.

So: I've been interested in getting an Aeron chair or Freedom Task Chair or similar for a while now and only been put off by the price.  Eventually Amazon being the amazing pool of data it is made a suggestion of a similar one called a Cobham mesh back chair, which looked like it would fit the bill but only cost £270.

I obviously googled for more information, and found that whilst there weren't any reviews there was a place called selling the exact same Cobham mesh back chair for almost a hundred pounds less than the other suppliers out there (around £150 with VAT and delivery, or £119 ex VAT).  A quick background check to see if they were legitimate showed they were based really close to the actual manufacturer - Teknikoffice and happened to have their site hosted on the same server which explains the price difference a bit!!  I ordered after a particularly bad day at work in a sort of shopping to make myself feel good mood.

I was really impressed when it arrived the next day after ordering (very speedy dispatch), and I got right down to assembly after work - which was remarkably simple compared to a few other chairs.  Right after assembling it though I sat down in it and tried to adjust the headrest - and noticed that the back part had a hairline fracture, which when the headrest was extended was completely sheered through in shipping!!!!  I was gutted as the chair was really comfortable and I had that sick feeling of looking forward to a painful argument with a customer service rep.

I immediately sent a photo to the manufacturer and chairoffice customer service asking if they could supply me with the part that had broken and Mark in teknikoffice's customer service department replied almost immediately (appreciate this is around 10PM at night) and shipped me the entire back of one of the chairs as a replacement without any questions (which I got and fitted yesterday evening).

This is such good customer service it has made me want to talk about them.  Sometimes a faulty product can actually make you happier with the company if they deal with it correctly - and this is one of those cases; I don't think I have EVER encountered that good a customer service from any other company, so I would fully recommend if you're interested in a mesh back chair like an Aeron but a lot cheaper you get one from