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Well the subject says it all!

MSDN subscribers can now download SQL Server 2008 - I'm sure an SQL Express 2008 edition will come out soon.  Interestingly there is an extra edition available on MSDN - "Web Edition", this is pure speculation but I'm guessing this is standard edition without CALs (or SQL Express without the memory, cpu and filesize restrictions if you want to look at it that way) so you can use it on webservers.

I downloaded a copy of it this morning and will install it in a bit to try it out.  Hopefully the software at work will be fine with it (we tested on an old release candidate but haven't recently) but it'll be good to have the new data types (finally we get a seperate date and time type, and the spatial data types are awesome) and an improved management studio either way.

Another feature that will be good is the ability to dictate the resources a particular database (or user) can take up, preventing a particular website or application consuming all the resources on a server.