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Well Microsoft have just released Windows Server 2008 and Visa service pack 1 to manufacturing.  Still waiting for SQL Server 2008, but the stack is almost complete :)

Excellent features I'm looking forward to are:

  • IIS 7 on a server OS!
  • IPv6 file and print sharing (and oh my goodness is file and print sharing faster)
  • IPv6 over VPN!!
  • RDP over IPv6! (Can you tell I'm an IPv6 fan)
  • Application level terminal services (like Citrix has)
  • Fail back router support!  If you bring one down and then back up, it doesn't keep using the failover!
  • IPv6 enabled by default and not uninstallable (disabling will have to do for people who don't want to use it which should result in a lot more IPv6 compatible servers).
  • Read only domain controllers - good for if the domain controller is sighted somewhere insecure.
  • ADAM is now a first class citizen if you need an LDAP server but not active directory.  Active directory is also no longer completely intrinsyc to the server once promoted too!

The only unfortunate thing I can see is the removal of the basic firewall and OSPF from routing and remote access, but the basic firewall has been replaced by windows firewall - I just hope you can still define rules for the other hosts in the network.

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