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Well, so far I'm unhappy with SQL 2005 and I've given it a full month so I'm going to rant a bit.

Microsoft did a good job of making visual studio 2005 pretty solid (although the visual designer is so very slow), but SQL 2005 is lacking in features that used to be there, and seems to consume far more resources than it ever used to.  Why can't I import/export objects (to move a database around) for one thing?!?

It seems enterprise manager and query analyser are much better than SQL management studio in almost every way (even usability, there's definitely more clicking needed to get things done in the new management studio and others have agreed with this).

I have a variety of hardware (from low spec with just 512MB ram and a 3Ghz cpu to a dual 64bit beast with gigs of RAM) running the new tools, and there is no solution to the unbelievable slowdown experienced when managing the system (I haven't been able to find any actual decrease in query performance against the server process although it now regularly consumes 15% on  machines whilst idle).

Taking copying a database between servers as an example of my frustration, on two machines I have:

TITLE: Copy Database Wizard

No such interface supported

Errors when trying to copy a database using SQLDMO.

On a working machine I found that it can't copy to or from SQL 2000.  Then I found it can't copy to SQL 2005 express.  What's going on up there, did nobody test these features and if so what cloud were they on when they shipped something incapable of moving databases around?

At present I have to generate scripts for everything, then run them against the other server, then run a set of hand built scripts to enter the data...

Resolution (29 Jan 2006): Run the following to register MS XML again:

regsvr32 msxml3.dll
regsvr32 msxml6.dll
I have no idea how this got broken and why nothing else was working, but I did have the old version on the system. Still, scripting and copying doesn't work properly but apparently its being investigated.

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