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Two days ago I got my new P7010 laptop, although it's hardly large enough to be called a laptop with a tiny 10.6" screen and being light enough to use with one hand whilst holding it with the other.

This is a review, or maybe a quick pass over it.  I'm typing it on it, but I won't be doing any serious coding on it due to some oddities with the keyboard layout (cursor keys, home and end which I regularly use are all one thing and need to use the fn key, which is in the wrong place being between ctrl and windows rather than on the far left.  And the delete key is in the top right.  I'll upload some pitctures to my public photo album shortly.)

There are several things nobody says when they talk about this laptop, and I wondered whether I should buy it because of this.  I'm very glad I did.

Firstly, it runs 3D games very well - if you use lower end settings.  This is to be expected with an Intel extreme graphics chip in it, and it's a tradeoff you need to make for the small size and long battery life.  I've yet to try Half-Life 2, but will update this post if I get a chance - probably on the weekend.

The 1.1Ghz processor easily beats a P4 3Ghz processor in appearing to be fast, it may not when encoding an MP3, or some other maths intensive task but it seems highly responsive - infact it appears as responsive as my Opteron workstation when using applications (although the drive is slower, however this is to be expected 10,000 rpm is physically a lot faster than 4200 rpm!).

Next, the screen everyone says is too high res for the size IS too high res for the size - but I've noticed that after using it for a short while I have easily gotten used to it.  Maybe support for 1024x640 would have been better than 1280x768, but this is at least future proofed for when Windows is fully vector based and will scale.  The screen is extremely crisp, clear and bright, though reflective and needing cleaning to prevent dust accumulating.  The screen is perfect for DVD's and videos - anything that scales..

It also has a slew of standard and not so standard features: Wireless, cd/dvd drive (in such a small laptop!) sd/mmc/memory stick reader, compact flash and seperate PCMCIA slot, two USB ports, video out, LAN, international modem, svideo and firewire.  An impressive battery life (so far tested to 6 hours 50 minutes real world use, with wifi on, without the second battery and with the screen not on the lowest brightness) rounds it off.  An impressive selection of modular options from Fujitsu Siements also makes this a very versatile device.

Missing features: GPRS/GSM, Camera, Bluetooth, serial and parallel ports, rear connectors (everything is conveniently on the sides), a top catch (although it seems to be sprung with some kind of mechanism that holds it shut and closes it quickly, but allows the screen to move freely to any angle), and dedicated graphics memory and card.

Overall I'm very impressed.  Apart from bluetooth most of the features are either not neded or an acceptable tradeoff for a device this small, the absence of bluetooth however should have meant the necessity of GPRS/GSM in a portable device - yet I am fine with wifi for the places I go.  As a large (book sized) PDA it serves well, as something to take notes on it beats a pda hands down - as you can see from this having been typed on it (I have no trouble touch typing on it).  As something to code on, we shall see.  As an entertainment device - well, you can watch dvd's, listen to music and play games - what more do you want?

I don't recommend anyone try to make such a small device their primary laptop or even worse primary computer without an external screen and keyboard/mouse however if you want small and portable because you travel or just don't want to carry a full laptop then this is the machine for you.