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As of 30 June 2004 Office 2000 is no longer supported - well, there's always Microsoft extended support, but that's it - no more bugfixes or patches to be released - and even extended support only lasts till June 30 2009, when even the download site will vanish.

I'm using Office 2003 here, and very happy - particularly with Outlook and OneNote, however almost every tool has improved considerably since the 2000 version.  Hopefully the next version of Office will include support for languages other than VBA so people who program in languages like C# or C++ won't have to suffer VB!

But the 2000 version was the first version that was actually reliable and didn't crash all the time on people.  And for that there should be a nod of the head.  My memories of 97 are that of a downright bad product (although it wasn't lacking features).