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This is a rant, one of those almighty work related rants that result in Bad Things usually.  But it needs to be said.

So I go to unnamedWorkplace every day, in and out and support the 2500 ish users there.  I do more than my hours and make sure of it after I was complained about leaving early one day (after coming in early) even though I take none of the legally required breaks and just take the time at lunchbreak I need to eat.

I put in as much effort as I can.  I am overworked, yet I feel like I haven't exerted myself mentally.  The problems are always small, simple issues; relating to configuration, data extraction, hardware problems, accidents or downright stupidity on the part of the users.

The points on my appraisel completed, are ones I had to complete - all training was paid for by me, all self improvement driven by me.  The unnamedWorkplace has failed to complete all of its points, including taking another appraisel, I believe it was due December 2003.

On the whole, the only reasons I have not resigned are the sallary and lack of a replacement for the moment; and my other colleagues across all departments.  My friends are steadily leaving too - another four people I work with and have known well for many years have announced they are leaving, and the beaurocracy and inefficiency is steadily increasing.

So go on, make my day.  Eliminate one of the reasons for me to stay:  If you have an interesting programming or complicated support job let me know, if I can't do it now I will adapt.  Fast.  I'd even work for free for a bit as a trial (subject to contract of guaranteed employment or payment for time spent!).

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