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Has anyone seen an online real-time code collaboration application out there yet?

I'm looking for something suited to pair programming but online and with simultaneous data entry capabilities.  So both people have Visual Studio, both see the same code.  One types in one place another types in another and they can each see (assuming they're working on the same file, and the same place in that file) each others typing in real time.  This would allow for you to help another programmer.  They say two heads are better than one...

That or if anyone has any idea how you can easily do the user interface to such a thing so I can build one myself.  I was tempted to use accessibility to read the contents of a window then remoting to send it but this fails on the actual display of the entered data aspect.  It adds a major disconnect to have it in a seperate window.

And I don't want to reinvent the wheel and completely write a multiline, multiuser edit box by hand.  Not yet anyway... Permalink  6 Comments