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I've been thinking, how do you get around telco lockin?

You can't - well, not easily.  At least, not till there's a wireless mesh covering the whole world.

This is what the people at consume are aiming to get.  I think the ham radio operators got it right when they tackled the problem, which puts consume on the right track - but we need a longer range wireless medium to solve the problem.

Now, 3g, gsm, and others can solve the problem of range - but they're also all relatively slow in performance.  Ideal for keeping a continuous link, for chatting, for mail if you don't mind waiting - for voice services even.

So, what service covers the middle ground?  I don't particularly want a multi-billion dollar license just to provide wireless service to my peers.  I don't need a range in the kilometres (although that'd be handy!).