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*********************************** I, CRINGELY - April 1, 2004 Column *********************************** This message is being sent to inform you that Robert X. Cringely's latest column is now available online at: The title and topic of this week's column are as follows: "Timing is Everything" No matter what happens in Microsoft's current slew of court cases, the end will be the same, says Bob: Redmond will win. ******************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE To sign up to receive notification of new "I, Cringely" columns, please visit, or send an e-mail to, and in the body of the message type "subscribe tellmewhen-l * " (without quotes). (You can substitute your name in place of the *). If you would like to have your name removed from this list, please send an e-mail to, and in the body of the message type "signoff tellmewhen-l" (without quotes). To avoid conflict, be sure to send the message using the same account that you used to sign up. An e-mail confirmation will be sent when you are officially removed from the Cringely list. If you experience difficulty unsubscribing or you're interested in changing e-mail addresses, please send your request to ******************************** Copyright 2004 PBS Online. Permalink