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Do you have an idea for a piece of software that you personally would like?

A tool that would help you in your day to day use of a computer?  Something that would be neat on your smartphone?  An application to store/retrieve a particular type of information on a pocket pc?

Something that solves a problem in your classroom/computer lab/school/university/office/shop floor?

A web site that needs to do something really special?

If you want it more than you want to sell it, let me know your idea. I am willing to solve interesting problems free of charge so long as I keep full rights to resell them! FREE development. You/your company/your school/your university get full rights to keep it and if you so desire distribute a marked copy so long as you don't charge for it I'm open to other relationships too such as sponsored open source, and complete development under contract - ideal if you need something like a website that can answer industry specific questions from your users, or that needs to solve a problem that won't sell to others. Or if you just want to keep your hands on it!

What do I get out of this? There is a chance I could get to build the next winzip.

What do you get out of this? Your problem is solved.  Period.

What can you get out of a really good idea? A split of any profits!

Hopefully this business model will suit anyone, with any amount of money so long as there is a need or an idea, let me know your opinions.

I'm already working on one solution using this idea, and it seems to be working quite well for everyone involved.