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My customers like Windows 2003, well so far every one who's tested their site on it. Everyone (so far) who's tested the ftp thinks it's much faster. The ftp speed difference may be related to the hardware difference and current lack of users, 2ghz is considerable. On to a breakdown with more detail, please feel free to ignore this if you're stopping by for progress updates on the migration - it's more just for those who are interested.
  • The DNS server... Well, works. The configuration is again GUI based, which places restrictions on the speed of doing it, where I'd paste another four lines (or use a for loop!) and change the domain I now have to go through a wizard each and every time. Then go back in to turn on notify!
  • I like the look of the ATRN option on the smtp server. It makes what would have been a very painful thing to set up on Linux fairly easy. I dislike the lack of a basic IMAP4 server to go with the POP3 server though.
  • Permissions are massively better on Windows than on Linux, although the defaults always seem a little lax. The ability to fine grain restrictions can only be considered a benefit. cacls (command line tool) is a nice touch too. I miss the tickbox that Windows 2000 had where you could stop the rights being inherited. I know it's one click deeper, but that's annoying when you have to use it fifty times.
  • I want to script changes to the DNS Server, anyone have any ideas? Preferrably without stopping it, editing the registry, then starting the service again.
  • Why do I have to go through the process of manually doing a million things for each user I create. I want to be able to trigger a batch file to run every user that's created, and to create users based on a template!
Well, that's enough stressed babble from me for the moment, I'm off to try to find an alternative to .htaccess files that works on Windows so my users can configure their own restrictions and settings. Permalink