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To those experiencing strange problems with their hosting, this is as per the e-mail. All databases are now coming off, redirects to it to continue to provide service without interruption if configured correctly in the first place. The databases on shodan are now in read-only mode, and all users are denied access. You MUST e-mail me with details of what accounts you need created on the new server setup. Your sites are already moved onto the new server unless you are paying, if you're paying they're going to be updated on the new server when I have confirmation of the final DNS change that will be coming sometime soon. Several people I own the domains for and host because they're friends have already been moved over, if they are experiencing problems then they need to contact me for their username and password - I'd mail it but without it you can't download your mail! (I'm trying to set them the same as initially - but if you changed your password I won't know.) Permalink