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WinUnRar (From 2003)

WinUnRar is a simple application that provides you with the ability to extract a file compressed in RAR format without buying a copy of winrar. You should still buy winrar to make rar archives. Simply install it, then double click the archive you want to extract or unrar!

Note that at the moment, it has no support for encrypted archives, but that it does work with healthy archives. I hope it's of some use to you!

This is freeware (100% free as in beer!), so I take no responsibility for any damage whatsoever. You use it at your own risk.

Download WinUnRAR

Download WinUnRar (300KB)


There are several alternatives to my winunrar application - it hasn't been updated for a long time and I suggest you look into them.  You may want to look at 7-Zip for example for a free archive tool that supports unraring things.

I still prefer to use winrar as my main archive tool!