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You're looking at content provided by C5 SiteBuilder.

It provides automated page, link and menu generation with integrated news/blog management, federated login, modularisation, file management, database, cross server distribution and load balancing and comment management.  It's basically a simple WYSIYWG edited site plus a blog all in one that I built to manage my own personal site, commercial equivalents like Sitecore or Kentico CRM are quite costly and have more features than I need or are much slower than I can make my own implementation.

Version 5 is a complete rewrite using .NET 4.7 and MVC 5 - this is the version you are reading this content from.

Version 3.1 was .NET 4 and never got used.

Version 3 was written in Microsoft .NET 3.5 using Linq for all the data access.  It took one weekend to build but is the lightest on functionality, having been pared down to just what is needed to run the blog.  Linq was the major factor in such a speedy rewrite though.

Version 2 was the initial .NET based version released in 2003.  It took one week to build and replicated the image upload and multi-user login and article addition features of the original one.

Version 1 was a PHP based application that also offered online file storage, comic rotation, image upload, personal homepages all back in 2001 before anyone else had thought to provide these services.  Unfortunately I failed to capitalise on it and only had 20-30 users to begin with!!  It took about a month to build on and off.