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Note: Gravcave was written before I was a professional programmer, it was a learning exercise and is pretty rubbish.  .NET 1.1 had literally just come out at the time and I had gone "woooo, this is awesome".

GravCave is a simple game (mostly because I can't draw to save my life!) where you have to avoid crashing into oncoming asteroids (gold circles) and ufo's (small fuschia circles).  You can start it by clicking here if you have the .NET framework 1.1.  Update: If you have .NET 2.0 you can click here to use ClickOnce!

To play GravCave, you simply need to start a new game and click in the window to fly up.  Failing to click means that you get pulled down!  Simple, yet surprisingly difficult with things flying at you.

The game is primarily a test of how easy it is to write a game in .NET - it features a game loop, interfaces for rendering and interactivity/basic collision detection and dynamic creation and destruction of objects based on a time delay (note that only SOME are real time, in this version others are based on the number of cycles), double buffered graphics, and my attempt at making it scroll (and have a trail after the player - which is where the stretched and shrunk 'enemies' come from).

The source is available to look at here, it's in C#.  I'm licensing the source under look, don't touch - you can use any idea in it you like, but please don't modify the game and then re-release it without asking me.  As always if your computer spontaneously explodes whilst using this (which it won't, the .NET framework will prevent this) then I am not responsible.


Screenshot of GravCave


GravCave lacking decent graphics