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Happy new year to anyone still reading this, it has been more than 21 years I've written on this blog, varying from extensive articles to years where I've not felt the need to say anything at all (including last year!).  I just this week completely rebuilt this blog to run on .NET 5 and be hosted under Docker, no changes to paths, content, etc. but it's good to keep things current and modern and each rewrite I distill it further and make it simpler.

With the move to a more digital way of running businesses and all the working from home it's an interesting time for a technologist.  A decade ago this would have been possible but unlikely to be something we'd end up doing for real or such a prolonged period, now it suddenly normal.  It seemed appropriate to confirm all is well for anyone that still does look.

Life/work update: I've been managing a team of developers for the last few years now, I am still staying as technical as I can and run regular training sessions for my team.  I'm doing fairly well.