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 Who did this?

This site is run by Simon Soanes.  It's a personal weblog which has been running since 1998 (although posts from that long ago have been removed and the sites domain has changed a few times it has been the same idea since then - I think the oldest still on this site is from 2002).

I am a software developer but used to also be a network administrator which gives a broad subset of knowledge.

I am still a networking enthusiast, and have a fully IPv6 compatible network thanks to Hurricane Electric who provide me with excellent connectivity.

IPv6 Certification Badge for simonsoanes


Why this site?

It's a collection of posts and articles I think will be useful.  If not for someone else using google (or another search engine) then certainly for myself as a reference point.  Many developers carry around a library of code they have written and which they find useful; I have chosen to post some parts of mine onto the web for anyone to use!

It does not represent my current employers views and I hardly ever post on work time so the content is free unless I include a specific copyright message in it with restrictions (such as sourcecode always including attribution).

Contacting Me

To contact me I prefer E-Mail to and have XMPP and Skype IM accounts.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV: Simon Soanes - C# Software Developer

Please e-mail me as I pick that up anywhere.  I am interested in C# .NET based roles (I am also happy to do C++ .NET or the odd bit of non-managed C++).

Please don't contact me about jobs where I would be doing non-.NET Visual Basic, I have done it several times and find it to be a restrictive language that has limited concepts of objects or exceptions; not something you want to have to go to work to do!