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With development getting more and more complex and thousands of lines of code being required to do things that used to take a couple of hundred, it's nice to see a simpler approach to things.  Sometimes the complexity has great benefit (like reuse and flexibility), but when learning that isn't necessarily first on your mind...

I just noticed a blog post on the Microsoft Small Basic blog and have since had a quick try... It looks like an awesome educational tool - easy to use and I certainly remember playing with logo and basic when I was younger - this provides both of those combined (along with decent graphics and no overhead).

So the blog is here:-

And the program itself (which is basically a tiny IDE) is at - hopefully it will let a new generation of children find programming as fun as it was for me when I was young.

Edit: Yes this is no match for C# which is a wonderful language and has a vast framework beside it, but this IS able to make a logo turtle move around in three lines on screen...

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