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This is a moan mostly, but has anyone else noticed that the developer story for silverlight development is totally utterly rubbish?

I had hoped that Microsoft would fix it for Silverlight 3 so that developers had a first class UI editor rather than having to go use a trial copy of Expression Blend with the worst user interface I have ever come across (I have MSDN but there's only ever an old version of it available and the current version appears to always be the CTP/Beta), or some third party app just to put down some buttons (with the 'run an app locally' addition and loads of other great features why has no time been spent on a decent design-time experience?).

I don't want to write XAML, I wouldn't mind adding controls using some C# code but I really hate XML, it's neither intuitive nor functional (can't easily call/make functions to draw X number of controls but must declare them individually).  I might be able to do Silverlight using 100% C# but it still comes down to the point of why is there no decent designer!???

I know this is supposed to be fixed in Visual Studio 2010 but it's really annoying.

Update: Now it's released I've had a chance to play with Expression Blend 3 and it's quite a bit better than the previous incarnations, and controls are now visible in a seperate section, so I think they are let off there as they've fixed the UI problems quite a bit; but the developer story for Silverlight is still terrible.