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I am not much of a Linux fan and mostly run Windows even for servers, but while that is true I appreciate both a wide ecosystem of operating systems incase something bad happens to Windows or a particular component, love the vastly lower cost of purchase and like both the freedom and opportunity to change things if you need to. I have one Linux server right now for example, and with Mono it can even host the same sites as the Windows servers.

My choice for Linux has been Debian since about 2001, when I settled on it after moving away from Mandrake and Redhat and their terrible RPM dependency chains. (I did try SUSE in the middle and found that to be extremely polished and usable but the reality is that I have Windows for polished.)

Anyway, I am glad to see that Debian finally has a graphical installer and the ability to run live from the CD/DVD!  You can get it from here for 32bit x86 CPU's:-

And from here for 64bit x86 CPU's:-

The folders with BT in the name contain the bittorrent distribution files.