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Not sure anyone is still reading this, but I've not really been blogging while contracting for semi-obvious reasons; I'll be leaving this post here at the top just to confirm I am still alive and will post some interesting stuff about both Workflow Foundation and 3D engine development in the future.

All but a few of my servers are now upgraded to Server 2012 or FreeBSD and I'm ditching the remaining Linux ones, overall I've been finding Server 2012 a solid platform and while the initial version had power management bugs and various other quirks updates have really improved it.  It has made things like Active Directory extremely lightweight too.

I've also been making a 3d engine in my spare time (though only putting in a concerted effort over holidays!) so should have plenty to say about geometry/meshes, collision detection, mouse movement, shaders and physics.  I also toyed with flow-field pathfinding and am amazed how effective it can be with so little code so hopefully that'll be the subject of a few blog posts on its own.

TFS 2012 has been an awesome platform for doing builds and keeping track of what I was working on given quite lengthy gaps too.