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I am still alive, and I must apologise for not posting anything to my blog but work has been eating most spare time whilst I've been getting some software out the door.

Hopefully work will no longer need so much of my time though, so I've started a few projects, one of which is a management studio for MSDE/SQL Express that allows profiling and various other features that I can't find anywhere else (some are in the toolset that Microsoft ship which isn't licensed for use with MSDE and isn't freely downloadable, but some aren't to be found anywhere afaik).  Just trying to add intellisense to my query execution part of the application now.  One bug to fix with stopping traces and I'll put a version up for download.

In unrelated news I've also enabled SPF on all the domains on xerxes using Mail Essentials from GFi, so those of you with e-mail on queeg are the last not to get it - hopefully debian has something to implement SPF with exim otherwise I'll need to write something to wrap it...