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I unplugged my headphones, and my whole system crashed! Amazing how these things happen, but to be honest it's the first crash where it hasn't been directly related to hardware failure.

I got sent to ("Error Caused by a Device Driver") which is completely useless.

During seperate testing on another machine, I found that this can also result in an immediate crash on login as the system attempts to play a sound.

Lets see how many people get sent here from google...

To workaround for this problem to prevent the system crashing is you need to go into the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel, then change the default devices for playback and sound recording to a present soundcard either in safe mode if you don't have access to the USB audio device, or before removing the device.

Now to find out how to actually submit more details for a microsoft bug report... A simple "What were you doing when this happened?" text box would probably help a ton on the site. Permalink