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I'm sitting here, waiting, wondering about Visual Studio .NET. It works well for any one task, yet I have a fairly small project I'm building to solve a friends problem at their work and it seems too big for Visual Studio. Let me explain: The solution has five projects - the web client, a smart client for one type of user, a smart client for the admin user, an assembly with shared classes, an installer add-on to install the database - and a couple of installers. In total there are barely fifty forms/source files. That isn't too much stuff, I've seen projects with twenty assemblies, resulting in thousands of files. Visual Studio, on opening my small solution opens every file. Slowly. The end result is a single line of tabs for each file so you can't find anything in it and end up ignoring and instead use the solution explorer. You can compile everything in the solution quicker than you can open it initially on my machine. And I have no animations or anything on, it simply takes AGES to load and show everything. I can close it all before I save, but I shouldn't need to - and even then it still insists on doing SOMETHING with every file when you load it. I pity anyone that doesn't start to split their solution into multiple smaller solutions when they get to 100 files... Question is... Will Whidbey really speed things up a bit... Permalink