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Firstly, now I'm into the swing of posting stuff, I appear to have become addicted... Someone tell me when it gets rediculous and I need to stop. Some background: Today till friday are days off from my day job as a network admin at a College in the UK. I intended to read up a bit more on my MCSD, relax, go shopping, do some coding, etc. I'm actually spending most of it still doing a migration from cobalt server appliances onto a Windows 2003 Standard box (the Linux VDS' are already up and running, and have been now for 11 days). This is for my hobbyish hosting business. Why I'm writing this however is that I'm actually seriously concerned that I have today off, as part of my responsibilities at work include ensuring everything is secure - and that includes running patches of which it appears the one that showed up for the Windows 2003 Server earlier (I didn't recognise what it was for) appears to actually be a very serious one indeed. I expect to see a vulnerability for this flying around the net within the next few days causing appropriate devastation, and all the other things that ensue. I just have to hope that the firewalls, antivirus, and 'overkill' filtering at work actually holds out against whatever nasty bug gets invented. *sigh* Permalink