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My first almost server wide crash. I opened IE (configuring frontpage extensions) on terminal services and somehow it crashed the whole GUI. The last thing I got to do was send an error report. Not a real crash, as the server was actually okay and still serving pages - but still, a real inconvenience and I couldn't reboot it through the admin interface (it said it was rebooting, then did nothing. Same with trying to use shutdown.exe in a telnet session - I intend to install pskill on it ASAP) so was a right annoyance as I had to ticket a hard reboot. There is no way a Windows server is even remotely close to as stable, or as reliable as a Linux server at the moment, the kernel might be - but the user interface and patching is letting the whole system down. UPDATE: I'm really glad I personally know the customers I've already moved onto this server, if I didn't I'd feel really bad about this - instead I know I can make it up elsewhere, but if I had just moved a business critical website over I would be fuming. Permalink