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I got the new server on the 1/2/2004. I applied security fixes and rebooted it. Today, I found another security update to apply. I apply it and it wants a reboot. With the cobalt box, it would run literally for 200+ days without needing a reboot for a patch. I know I moved away from it for security reasons as the patches weren't coming anymore, but Microsoft really need to fix the rebooting of the machine. You don't need to restart whenever you replace a web application, so why do you need to reboot the machine when it's a simple service or process that could be restarted on its own? The ability to replace a binary whilst running has been in Linux for a long time (no idea how long) - Microsoft recently added it to Windows in that it provides volume shadow copy services to permit the same kind of thing. So why does it still need a reboot?????? Anyway, enough of my frustrations. At least Microsoft are releasing patches unlike Sun do for Cobalt raq's. Advantage: It reboots fast. Permalink