My Skills

  • Extensive development experience of applications such as risk management, point of sale/retail, financial management/reporting, CMS, CRM, billing, document storage and help desk systems.
  • Complete use of various programming languages and databases in full-lifecycle task solving and product creation environments.
  • Deep knowledge of fundamental protocols and API’s spanning many platforms.
  • Administration, monitoring and troubleshooting of large heterogeneous networks.  Windows/Linux/Cisco, etc.
  • Soft skills such as customer liaison, technical sales, winning tenders and requirements analysis, prioritisation and interpretation.
  • Detailed planning and execution of long term business change strategies.
  • Highly adaptive to current needs.

Simon Soanes

16 Galloway Close

Basingstoke, RG22 6SX

Mobile: (07983) 588701




Full UK driving license

MSDN Enterprise Licence


CV Version 6


Overview of Experience of Systems

 Development Languages:

  • C# - Winforms/ and ASP.Net/MVC/WCF (Windows Communication Framework) for web services, web applications and desktop enterprise development. Some WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) development.
  • SQL and T-SQL using MS-SQL Server 2000-2016 and MySQL.  Experience coping with concurrency and scalability (replication enabled software).
  • C++ - Low level native programs/drivers without complex UI, with .NET interoperability (C++ CLI).
  • XML, writing XSLT’s and XSD’s.
  • Can at least read and fix: Java*, Delphi*, VB/VB.NET*, PHP*, Python, Flash Actionscript (*-Indicates I can build new things in these)


Important Software Technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (Desktop v1 to v4.6 and Compact Framework v1 to v3.5)
  • Various mark-up languages (HTML5, XML, XAML, CSS, etc.)
  • Scripting languages/jQuery/AJAX, reactive frameworks (AngularJS, KnockoutJS, etc.)


Misc. Technology:

  • GIT/TFS/Mercurial/Subversion version control
  • Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP/Radius servers
  • SharePoint V3-2016
  • Dynamics CRM/XRM and a little NAV

·         Hypervisors - Hyper-V/VMWare

Database Servers:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2016, including MS Reporting Services
  • MySQL (historical),
  • Various NOSQL db’s


Web/Proxy Servers:

  • Microsoft IIS 5-10
  • Apache 1.3-2.2/NGINX/Squid


DNS Servers:

  • Microsoft DNS Server/Bind 8, 9


Operating Systems:

  • Windows (Desktop and Server) from NT 4 through Windows 10 (2016 server). Windows CE 4-6
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSE)
  • FreeBSD (v9-11)


Networking Technologies:

  • Most things, from Ethernet (10/100/1000 over copper and fiber into switches/hubs/machines/routers) and Wireless (b/g/a/n/ac) through to forwarding protocols.
  • Cisco/Mikrotik/Nortel/HP routers and switches to route public and private networks.  Understand VLAN’s/VRF’s.
  • Firewall configuration, management and troubleshooting.  VPN’s.
  • Experience using BGP and RIPng/RIPv2
  • Power over Ethernet (48V IEEE 802.3af)
  • SDN’s as deployed by Microsoft Azure and Amazon.


RFID/Mifare (ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A and B)

Whilst at EasyTrace I gained extensive knowledge of working with RFID and ISO 14443A and B proximity technologies.  Although primarily limited to the 13.56 MHz technologies (such as Philips Mifare) the knowledge expands to general radio frequency knowledge and 125 KHz RFID technologies.  I can talk to Oyster card or your credit card basically.


I’m interested in networking, troubleshooting and primarily focus on software development and software architecture; I have strived to increase my knowledge and abilities in the fields of software development as rapidly as possible.


I’m also amused by electronics and am not scared of getting an electrical meter or oscilloscope out to work out what’s going on if needed.  I try to keep my skill set ahead of what is needed at my job and try to have a basic understanding of everything from Direct3D to SOAP to embedded development (i.e. – Windows CE/Windows Embedded/.NET compact framework/.NET Micro Framework) so that should I need to specialize in an area I can quickly adjust to it.  I’ve even played with writing and debugging software for ARM microprocessors directly.


Although I have a specific interest in Internet technologies like IPv6 I also have great enjoyment from solving a problem – the harder the better.  The problem can be in any area, from network admin or hardware troubleshooting to how to do a particular process in a business.  I also like gadgets and their practical use in an environment.


Employment History

AA DriveTech (UK) Ltd, Basingstoke, Hampshire          April 2010 – On-going

Driver Training and Risk Management division of The AA

Contract Software Developer


Zorg Solutions Ltd, Basingstoke, Hampshire                 December 2009 - April 2010

A run-book automation specialist and bespoke software development firm

Head of Software Development (Founder)


AMI Education, Basingstoke, Hampshire                        December 2009 – June 2010

A division of RM PLC encompassing what was EasyTrace

Technical Consultant (6 Month Contract, Remote)


EasyTrace, Basingstoke, Hampshire                                 July 2004 - December 2009

A division of RM PLC, providing smartcard and biometric based solutions for cashless and catering, access control, etc

Senior Software Developer


Residential Parking Solutions Ltd                                      May 2006

A start-up in the facilities management sector I provided development for

Software Developer


Imagination, Camberley, Surrey                                       June 2004/April 2007

Web and graphic design firm



M3i, Feltham, Middlesex                                                     June 2004

New media specialists

Independent Developer


Collingwood College, Camberley, Surrey                       January 2001 – June 2004

One of the UK’s largest technology colleges

Senior ICT Technician


KAMSolutions Ltd, London                                                 August 2000

Web Design and Development Company

Independent Developer



Collingwood College Camberley, Surrey                                                1994-2001


I am a certified IPv6 Sage, the highest level available (by Hurricane Electric, the main Tier 1 IPv6 transit provider).


I am considering an Open University course in Computer Science at some point in the future.  I have access to Pluralsight and plenty of training material and reference books and will acquire more as needed in any topic.




Individual references by line managers are available on request. RM PLC HR and The AA PLC HR will be able to confirm employment.


AA PLC (Attn: HR Department)

Fanum House



RG21 4EA


RM PLC (Attn: HR Department)

New Mill House

183 Milton Park, Abingdon


OX14 4SE




Character References:-

Tim Baker

Ex-Managing Director of EasyTrace

Larkford House

Church Hill





Jerry Oddie


Collingwood College

Kingston Road