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This doesn`t really apply to me as I`m such a nice guy, but I remember posting about it a couple of years ago and think it`s time to get it doing the rounds again so - KNOW YOUR SYSADMIN - guesses for what one I am on in the comments!

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And this is a test by simon at 12/11/2002 17:34:36
To see if the some of the changes are working... I`ll add threaded comments later.

Badabing by simon at 17/11/2002 11:37:01
Newest version of the code is up on the production site... so things like putting square brackets around words become links. Would be good if this site needed maintaining :-)

Just testing by simon at 31/05/2009 22:36:11
New version of the software for the site (again, though there's been a few more iterations since 2002 obviously for anyone reading this).

This is on a newline.