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You are viewing records from 08/03/2003 10:11:54 to 30/10/2003 19:46:25. I'll be adding support for selecting a date range in future.

I think I'm going to give C# a try after seeing Don Box and Chris Anderson do a MSDN TV program on Longhorn, programming in C# as easily as I program a page in PHP, yet writing a tile for the sidebar, and doing tcp/ip comms over http in just a couple of simple lines to make a Windows App post to Don's blog. Impressively simple. It might also be a solution to my long standing problem of decent RAD tools that develop for Pocket PC... .Net framework for Pocket PC should be usable from it. Combined with Mono on Linux, C# may well be the future of software development. I'm annoyed I discarded it as another Visual Basic when I heard about it initially... Permalink 

[Sitebuilder] now supports XML and particularly RSS formatting of pages. By including support in the site creation engine I've inherantly got syndication support for any page I feel like, including the main page. Check out the archive and the headlines in RSS - you can now blogroll my musings and silly observations! I've also started removing posts that when converted to XML don't conform to the standard or do but are unusable. It's easier than editing them and I think I want to start afresh. They'll always be in the iarchive if needed. If you're interested in using [sitebuilder] I can probably wrap you up a version under the GPL, so just [contact] me. Permalink 

Dylan Greene has found some pics of (and aero). Urls are at his site. Interesting... It looks like phpedit but with bits of dreamweaver. Permalink 

You could probably use a bayesian scheme to categorise music by mood based on the similarities of the compressability over time. It'd take training the system in the first place, but then it would probably be fairly accurate as the compressability is directly related to the music content. Then you could always listen to the right music for the moment... Permalink 

Tablet PC's are impractical. Looking at my PDA I find that hard enough to use with a pen - something bigger must be worse. We need a more natural means of control, the keyboard certainly cuts it for speed so maybe separate the tablet pc's screen into a keyboard (not like normal, but more like a pda's onscreen keyboard where applications don't hide behind it.). Voice recognition would be the most natural, but then you might as well scrap the screen and just have a bluetooth headset with a small flip out screen. Then you could see stuff, and hear stuff - whilst being able to dictate things to it too. Clearly we're not there yet... Permalink  1 Comments 

It's possibly the most twisted and inefficient language in existance, taking up an inordinate amount of storage space. It's not even easy to programmatically work with. Then again it's also almost human readable and you can fix almost all problems using notepad/vi. Grrr. Why can't there be a better portable storage medium... Permalink 

Bluetooth should auto-connect to a particular service when it was within range... So a pocket pc will just connect/sync as you walk in the house... Permalink 

There's loads of adverts on the net, but never for what you actually want... That and it's usually intrusive. I mean, I wouldn't mind being able to pull up on demand (a non-intrusive system, not something that comes up constantly) a selection of adverts for a particular thing, in a particular area, possibly with the ability to search by if they accept mastercard/switch/cheque/cash if they can fix your boiler on a sunday, if they have someone you can talk to about a product available at the moment, etc. A single like ebay but for adverts for anything would be handy. Permalink 

Why do people rely on the clock of the computer that the document is being accessed on? Why not rely on the senders clock... To enforce this it'd need for a small part of the encrypted document to exist only on the senders/intermediaries computer. When the document was requested this part could be requested, and sent without fear since the rest of the document is also required. After the time the part can be destroyed on the senders/intermediaries machine. This leaves a giant loophole - once you open the message, you can always read it, it relies on the software to destroy the part it has recieved after using it to successfully show the document. But I fear THAT loophole is unavoidable if the document is ever to be readable. (The document sent is encrypted so that only the correct reader can open it, and only when it's in its entirety.) Permalink  2 Comments 

I want a copy of a couple of days TV schedule on my PDA, preferrably in a searchable format as a simple listbox. That would be fairly useful... How on earth do you write a today screen plugin? Permalink 

My PDA isn't useful enough sitting on the desk whilst I'm at my machine. It should interact with the computer when I dock it and automagically: - Log into my chat mediums - Notify me of new e-mail rather than my computer, keeping the computer for work - not as a place to press F5 lots on a mail window - Notify me of new events, happenings and other things that would normally have me visiting sites - Be an information source that's not on screen, and therefore not a distraction Perhaps I can virtualise this by loading a page in IE that pulls data off my servers and shows the info? I don't have the first clue about programming on a pocket pc device... Shame you can't compile things in Delphi for it. Permalink 

Folders that show the contents of the inbox filtered would be handy. Permalink Join The Registers cancer busters team, download a bit of software, and your computer will be scanning molecules for cancer fighting abilities while your computer is idling. Permalink 

I'm at work at the moment, but I just this morning tried Trillian 2 beta and have to share the good news that it has [jabber] support! I mean, yes - you have to pay for it, but it's well worth it and at only £15 approx it's not that expensive. Check out their website at and see if you like the free version. If you do you'll love the pay for version. (Hey, at least they're not paying me for the ad) Permalink 

I'm now the highest possible battle rank in Planetside (A MMOFPS - or massively multiplayer online first person shooter. Bet you didn't know that eh? Game with lots of people is more descriptive...). I still have another three command ranks to go, but what happens when you complete a MMOFPS? *breathes* Do you stop paying the monthly fee and never return, or do you continue paying, but not play except occasionally? A question for the ages... Permalink  2 Comments 

I've built an installer to download and install PuTTY - a free SSH client. It's available from the [putty] page. Permalink 

A CNN article has pictures (which were already in the wild) and some good commentary about half-life 2. It looks like the nda gloves are off. Permalink 

A very good T3 trailer is available at the apple site if you have quicktime. Permalink  2 Comments 

It is coming out. It will be at E3 this year. The NDA will end April 28th. The future is coming this year... And Duke Nukem Forever missed another slot! With Half-Life 2 coming out, pretty much all attention will be on it, and they're in media wind up already so we can expect less than four months of waiting, other people are thinking November to commemorate the first half-life. I don't know, but one thing is certain, the most popular game on the planet will have a sequel. Permalink 

3D Realms decided that they'd play an april fools on everyone. They announced in a very suspicious manner that they were releasing Duke Nukem 3D's source code to the public under the GPL. The april fools are those who think they're kidding... Fileshack have it up here for all to download! and we'll have a mirror at some point. Note that you require the duke nukem content to play the game. Update: Mirrored here. Permalink 

Jen Frickell's site is back. That is all. Smorr.


Not run by me, DonEasy provides a free file storage service like workdrive. If you have any other free file storage sites leave them in the comments! Permalink  1 Comments 

I've marked a number of accounts to no longer have the ability to upload files. Those people have one week to ensure they have a copy of the files before their accounts will be purged. Thanks to everyone that made constructive critisism, I'll be getting the new layout for workdrive up and running when visiting from and the billing system will come next month. Read more for a list of users that will have an extra free month for their feedback and assistance. Permalink  6 Comments 

Oh my god, where did they get a frigate from...? Permalink  7 Comments